“Generating leads for your business.”

We like to be direct.

Our Process: Discover it

Professional telemarketers will target your specific audience with the right pitch and bring customers to discuss their requirements with your sales people or attend your briefing sessions.

direct it. is happy to assist with any part of the marketing continuum that will ultimately result in the matching of client requirements with vendor offerings:

  • Database building
  • Database profiling
  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Event registrations
  • Event follow-ups
  • Inbound enquiries (web, phone, email, webchat)
  • EDM blasts
Under all circumstances, and in any capacity in which they serve, direct it. agents have their eye on the main game……. discovering qualified opportunities.

So, although contacts may not be able to attend a specific event, we will advise our clients of any requirements that may have been uncovered in conversation.

Whilst a contact may not have a specific, immediate requirement, we will look to the future and try to understand when an evolving requirement is likely to arise.

Our agents are tenacious and just because no opportunity exists for product A, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no requirement for product B.
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