“Lead Acceptance”

A single point of acceptance, nurture and clearance for all leads.

The Opportunity Management Team provides a single point of acceptance, nurture and clearance for all leads coming in to the organisation from all sources.

The team is goaled on driving value for marketing effort.

The first priority of the team is to establish accountability. All leads should be registered and processed through to a next stage as quickly as possible. Delays and backlogs will simply devalue the opportunities being dealt with. 

The second priority is to attempt to put leads on to the sales continuum, by applying strong qualification criteria so that, when presented to sales personnel, there will be a high level of acceptance into the sales pipeline. 
The team will deliver one of three outcomes for each lead submitted:
1. Acceptance and deemed “sales ready”
2. Acceptance and deemed “for nurture”
3. No opportunity

Detailed Lead Acceptance reporting will show which campaigns and which types of campaign deliver real value to the organisation.

Where leads have been purchased from an external supplier, the OMT can manage your company’s lead replacement policy in order to ensure the agreed deliverables.