If we're not adding to your sales pipeline - who will?

We like to be direct.

Our Team

Company Overview

direct it. is a specialist Telemarketing Resource Agency, established in 1993. The company comprises some 42 permanent employees and is based in Sydney, Australia.

As an outsourced extension of the marketing function, we bring:
  • a streamlined operation
  • accountability
  • identifiable, tangible success
……… to your marketing efforts.     

We thrive on positive customer outcomes and will go that extra distance to foster the type of client/agency relationship that will endure. We are heavily focused on sectors with a high technology content and work with organisations from the very largest through to smaller reseller organisations across the region (Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia). 
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Our Management Team

All direct it. Account Managers are very experienced direct marketing strategists. Client trust is very important to our organisation and Account Managers reflect this trust in their dealings with clients. Whilst we serve at the direction of our clients, you are always very welcome to ask our Account Managers for their professional opinion as to the best possible way of achieving campaign objectives.

This depth of experience and preparedness to take responsibility comes as a welcome change for many clients.

Our Account Managers view their duty of care as starting at the beginning of any engagement and ending with the delivery of final results. Frequent Work-In-Progress meetings and total transparency during a campaign or engagement are very much part of the direct it. strategy for success.

Our Telemarketing Team

All of our research staff have a thorough understanding of modern business processes and current and emerging technologies. They are able to engage senior decision makers in Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Engineering etc in conversations that reveal concerns, motivations and requirements pertaining to targeted projects and expenditure.

All of our researchers are employed on a full-time basis and many have worked with direct it. over a considerable number of years. The vast majority of our agents have undergraduate and graduate qualifications in business, IT or marketing.

Some vital statistics:
  • 100% of agents full-time professionals
  • 100% of agents native English speaking
  • 90% of agents have tertiary qualifications
  • 100% of agents have high-level of familiarity with emerging technologies
  • 100% of agents have fast uptake of sophisticated briefs
  • 100% of agents based in Australia